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The enterprise was essentially a one-man operation. The Accused would pp в бинарник inform interested women that the job entailed, inter alia, providing sexual services.

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Upon receiving the questionnaire and photographs, the Accused arranged to interview the women at his residence, a HDB apartment. The women were also told that they would earn less money if they did not provide sexual services.

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This began with the women stripping fully for the Accused to inspect the condition of their bodies. Thereafter, the women were asked to provide the Accused with the service s they pp в бинарник willing to provide clients.

The women would thus engage in sexual intercourse with the Accused, fellate him or masturbate him.

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Some of the women who did not perform satisfactorily, or were menstruating, were told to return for a further verification session.

One of these women was a minor who was 16 years old, and the subject of the sole charge under the Prevention of Human Trafficking Act In this time, he only managed to secure 5 clients for the women he engaged.

He did not receive any commission from the women as none of them had serviced more than one client. Дата вынесения приговора:.